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Hibbidy Dibbidy.

I always have time for you, if I don’t have time, I will make time.

— my dad 

crab hands 2013, poconos, pa

light show, poconos, pa

just some things.

(new york, new york)

Coachella 2013

(Indio, California)


Top 5 from the Met Ball 2013 “Punk: Chaos to Couture”

Someday all this mess will make me laugh

For Victoria Louise Chan.

I can’t believe it’s already May. Crap, it’s May.

A series of events occurred this week that made me realize a couple of things – in no particular order:

 1. The importance of family and good friends, and how lucky I am to have the best of both.

2. My writing has gone to complete crap over the years, lest if it hadn’t started as crap (100% plausible).

3. The power of positive thinking. 

4. Just how quickly/easily life can change.

5. My slow transformation to a boy.

6. My slow transformation to Oprah (refer to #3).  

7. Kaskade’s real name is Ryan, and he’s a pretty dope dude.

These scattered ideas probably make little sense without understanding of the events behind them… (shrug)

In conclusion, I just need to start writing, all my jibberish thoughts, because if not now - when? And with some wishful thinking, hopefully there will be some improvement. And it’s only Thursday, so we will see what life lessons come with Friday.

For now, I’m just gonna blog, dawg - and I dedicate this, with all my heart to Victoria Louise Chan. 

Boom. Consider yourself Oprah-ed. X